I keep hearing from people in my life …

  • I just wish I had more time to study the Bible.
  • I just wish I could understand the Bible in a simple way.
  • I just wish I had the motivation to really engage with the Bible.

I heard you. I’m listening. And I have a solution for those of us who just feel like we need a SURGE of strength, wisdom and understanding that can only come from God about His Word and our life.

I have taken (almost) everything I’ve ever learned about the Bible and condensed it down to an easy, self-paced course designed just for you.

It’s going to be like drinking from a fire hose BUT I’m thrilled to tell you that I will be providing a downloadable workbook that includes worksheets to help you study the Bible in five, ten or twenty minutes!

And everyone has at least five minutes. :) 

I'll also pop into your inbox each week to offer a bit of encouragement as we unpack a session together.

We'll be doing this together!

Biblical Teaching

In each course, we will unpack a teaching with solid, but simple Biblical truths to guide us during our time together.

Resources & Community

Each course comes with a downloadable workbook and resources to help you take notes and process with your learning. We also offer FB community groups to work through the content when the class is live.

An Actionable Plan

After we wrap up our time together, you will not only have a clear understanding of important Biblical concepts, but an easy and actionable plan on how to move forward. with faith.

Hi, I’m Nicki!

If we are just meeting for the first time I’m a wife, mom, best-selling author, Bible teacher, podcast host and first-generation farmer.

Teaching the Bible is a huge passion of mine and I frequently speak at events. I believe we are on the edge of revival with God in our homes, communities, cities, nation and the World. I want to see people whole, confident and becoming all God intended them to become through the power of understanding the Bible.